What is Vinyasa Flow Yoga?

Vinyasa Flow yoga incorporates movement synchronised with the breath. “Flow” signifies the flow of breath and the smooth transition between different poses. Unlike some forms of yoga such as Ashtanga where poses are done in the same order each time, the sequence of poses in Vinyasa are different between each class. This allows for a lot of variety for the students, and much creativity and intuitive communication for the teacher. Whether the class is fast or slow, features advanced postures or modified-gentle poses, depends on the individual teacher and the abilities of the students in the class. Generally, options are given to modify and adjust to suit different levels. Expect to harness strength and improve mobility and flexibility, while connecting to the breath on a deeper level and exploring playful and new ways to move and grow. Suitable for beginners and seasoned yogis alike. A moderate level of physical fitness is required; however, you are welcome to take any additional breaks that you need throughout the class.

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga is an intuitive practice featuring passive postures, modified and supported using props (such as a bolster, cushions, blankets and yoga blocks) held for minutes at a time. These postures create stress, tension & sensation in the deep tissues of the body at a target area. The static postures can be followed by a period of rest or ‘Rebound’ which allows the connective tissue to coil back to their resting state, and the practitioner to observe the physical, emotional & energetic self, assimilating their experience. The still nature of this practice encourages self-study and enhances self-awareness. Practitioners are encouraged to ‘feel’ for a specific target area in the postures perhaps using different props to do so, rather than create a certain aesthetic shape. This non-striving and non-attachment approach promotes the Yin values of patience, acceptance, and compassion. Yin Yoga originates from ancient China and Daoism, and so the flow of Qi (or Chi), lifeforce energy, can be central to the practice of Yin, with postures targeting and stimulating specific meridian lines outlined in Traditional Chinese Medicine to enhance or optimise health. Expect a very slow, relaxed and simple class. Suitable for all levels including complete beginners.

What style of yoga should I expect at Beach Yoga classes?

Beach Yoga incorporates gentle and playful movement, yoga postures, breathwork and relaxation techniques, all in connection to the natural environment of the coastline. This awareness of the natural environment draws us into the present moment and inspires tranquillity.

There may be a mix of Vinyasa Flow, Hatha and more restorative yoga. Very often the pace of the class is dictated by the weather conditions, for example fast, repetitive, or cardio movement when it is cold to stay warm. This class welcomes all ages and abilities, including complete beginners.

What do I need to bring to Beach Yoga?

For beach yoga classes you will need to bring your own yoga mat or beach towel. A limited number of mats are available to borrow at request. Please wear stretchy, comfortable clothes and prepare for all kinds of weather! Consider applying sun-cream, bringing a hat, rain jacket, sunglasses, dryrobe or blanket and remember to take a bottle of water.

What do I need for indoor classes at Achill Outdoor Education Centre?

Yoga mats, bolsters and other props are provided for all classes at Achill Outdoor Education Centre, Cashel. You can of course bring your own mat if you like. Wear warm clothes for Yin yoga, consider bringing a small blanket if possible for extra comfort.

Can children come to Beach Yoga?

One Wave Yoga does not offer children’s classes, however some older children, of perhaps 10 years and up, may enjoy Beach Yoga. Children are accepted to the class if they are accompanied by a parent. Please bear in mind that classes are 70 minutes long, the pace can be very slow or completely still at times and participants must be quiet for the duration of the class. If your child would enjoy this kind of activity, please bring them along! If your child would find this boring and unenjoyable perhaps give it a miss. Many parents come to this class to have quiet time to themselves.

Do I need to sign up, or just show up for a class?

All One Wave classes require prebooking as numbers are restricted. Booking is done online. When you book your place, you will receive a confirmation email containing all the information you need. Any questions or issues regarding booking, please email info@onewave.ie

You can chance arriving without booking, but the class may be full and you also will not be aware of any schedule changes that may take place.

What is a Private Group Outdoor Yoga class?

You can arrange a private class for up to 20 people with One Wave Yoga tailored to your specific needs and objectives. This will not be open to the public, just for who you include in your group. This private class can be held on Dugort Beach at a time that suits you (Friday – Sunday), or at another location on the island if desired. The cost is €150 for a 60-minute class. Please contact One Wave Yoga by email info@onewave.ie if you would like to book a private class.

How do I join the Beach Yoga WhatsApp Group?

Beach yoga classes are subject to changes based on the weather forecast. For a weekly update message, text your name and ‘Beach Yoga Achill’ to 0863385784. This is not a chat group, only the administrator can send a message. You can leave the group whenever you like and rejoin it at another time if you wish.

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